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MVR Thin Film EvaporatorProduct introduction
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  • 1.Description

Main principle:
MVR Thin Film Evaporator is a new kind of evaporator with high adaptability. It is applicable for materials of high viscosity, heat-sensitive and materials easy to crystallize and scale, etc. MVR compressor transforms electricity into heat through secondary steam compressed by the high-efficient steam compressor, which can increase the content of enthalpy. Then the secondary steam is added into the heater to warm the materials so as to achieve its recovery and recycling process. In this way, the evaporation and concentration can be realized by self-circulation of the evaporator without generating steam from outside.

Systematic components of MVR Thin Film Evaporator:
The structure is very simple with the components of scraped heater, separator, compressor, vacuum pump, recycle pump, operation platform, automatic control system and pipe line, etc.

  • 2.Advantages

1.MVR evaporator can save more than 80% of energy, 90% of cooling water, and 50% of floor area than the traditional ones.
2. The secondary steam is used totally. The economy of fresh steam is twenty times as efficient as the multi-effect evaporated one, which can reduce the demand for heat from outside and cooling resources. It is also beneficial to reduce the energy consumption and pollution.
3. Due to the fact that the heat is provided by the compressor, the temperature difference is much smaller than the traditional evaporators. Therefore, it can greatly improve the quality of the product and reduce scaling by mild evaporation.
4.There is no need for condenser or just a small area of it if necessary. The structure and process is very simple. It can be run continuously and securely by automatic operation.
5. The materials are evaporated under low temperature (evaporation temperature: 40℃-100℃ ), which makes them even and prevents them from running as well as coking. Meanwhile, the denaturation of the materials can be limited to minimum during the process.
6. The scraped heater has high coefficient of heat transfer and high capacity of evaporation. Besides, the thermal efficiency is very high with the evaporation intensity of 200kg/m2·hr.
7.The time for heating is short which is between 5 to 10 seconds under the vacuum condition. It is more beneficial to the materials of high sensitivity because it can guarantee the quality of the product by remaining every content without any breaking down process.
8. The range for viscosity change is wide enough. Materials of different viscosity can all be processed with the maximal of 100,000 CP.
9.The equipment covers a small area with its simple structure. It is convenient to maintain and easy to wash.
10.The vacuum resistance is reduced. Thanks to its unique evaporation style, the materials being processed only form film on the surface without accumulating on it. Therefore, there is no possibility of vacuum offset by the liquid from other forms of evaporation. ( T

  • 3.Parameters

Technical parameters
Steam capacity: 100 L/H
Installed power: 18.35kw
Steam consumption: 5 kg /h, 0.5 Mpa
Cooling water consumption: 200 kg/h
Materials temperature: 55℃
Evaporation temperature: 55℃

  • 4.application

It is applicable in the low temperature concentration industries such as tomatoes, milk, glucose, organic acid, VC, xylose, pharmacy, chemicals, bioengineering, environmental protection and waste liquor recovery, etc.

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