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  • Description:

MEGA ROLL is a fully automatic rotary labeling machine specially designed for hot melt film labeling. The labeling speed can reach 36000 bottles/hour. It has a high degree of flexibility and is compatible with bottle types with a capacity of 330ml to 3L, and there is no need for complicated parts replacement when switching. The unique 3-axis drive system drives the label, cuts and takes the label, and the rotation of the turntable is driven by the servo, ensuring the accuracy of labeling. Label electronic tension control, vacuum drum-type label taking mechanism makes the label run smoothly. Optimal HMI and machine structure ergonomic design, easy to use and maintain.

  • Technical characteristics

1.Machine movement, labelling unit movement and unwinding of film synchronised by a unique system of 3-axis motorisation.
2.Adjustable motorised plate rotation, using PLC (no format change required).
3.Vacuum type transfer roller without grippers.
4.Cutting system with a single rotating blade.
5.Belt transmission on labelling unit drive.
6.On board stainless steel electrical cabinet with integrated air conditioning unit.
7.Easy access to all areas of the machine and the labelling unit.
8.Transfer roller fixing which does not require further phasing operations.
9.Automatic phasing between machine and labelling unit during format change.
10.Transfer roller pads can be replaced with no machining required.
11.Machine control and production management are centralised on a single touch-screen operating panel.
12.Two remote control units for rotation of the machine and labelling unit.
13.All parts CE marked.
14.Infeed worm screw and star-wheels with electromechanical safety disconnect mechanism.
15.Motorised adjustment of machine height.
16.Double reel support system, with electronic control of film tension.
17.Automatic web tracker.
18.Manual Up & Down doors.
19.Cutting system with electro-mechanical safety switch mechanism.
20.Easy, fast format change, with no phasing required.
21.Automatic check of the end of the label reel.
22.Wide use of stainless steel and anti-corrosive treatments.

  • Parameters:

  • Working Parameters of The Standard Machine



    Maximum machine  speed/bph


    Container diameter/mm



    Container height/mm



    Label length/mm



    Label height/mm




BRB Globus MEGA ROLL develops traditional Rollfed labelling, raising quality and flexibility standards so that BRB Globus can offer a machine designed specifically for the operator – easy to use and maintain. BRB Globus have introduced the MEGA ROLL to meet market demands and to satisfy production requirements, guaranteeing efficiency and reliability in the most variedworking conditions and using a wide variety of materials.


A single system with 3 brushless servodrives controls machine speed, labelling group speed and the unwinding of the label, guaranteeing perfect synchronisation of the various components.There is no requirement to phase any machine component when format change takes place, making this operation as fast and repetitive as possible. Bottle rotation is obtained using an independent motor, thusguaranteeing the correct label tension and to reduce time and components needed for format change.


The MEGA ROLL offers maximum flexibility, allowing the handling of containers of a wide range of sizes (bottles from 0.33 to 3 litre) without the need for time-consuming and complicated machine part changes.
Further flexibility is guaranteed in the potential to use a wide range of glue and labels, as the Sagitta’s design features are suited to any production requirement.
Transfer of the label from the cutter to the transfer roller is synchronised, so that any slipping on the roller itself is avoided; in this way MEGA ROLL offer a wider choice in labels characteristics and has lower maintenance requirements to clean the unit.
The vacuum system has also been very much simplified, guaranteeing greater durability of components, more reliability and ease of use.
In order to accommodate the use of a variety of glue types and to adapt to any working environment, the MEGA ROLL’s features include glue adjustment on the label and temperature adjustment on each part of the system.


The compact machine size with integrated electric cabinet means that it can be installed quickly and integrated into the complete line easily.


The modular concept of the machine allows for fast and easy maintenance and replacement of components, as well as the opportunity  of implementing future 

  • 5.SAFETY

To guarantee the operator’s safety, there is guarding all around the gluing unit.When standard inspection and cleaning operations need to be carried out, the guarding can be opened without the use of tools or the removal of components.To enable operators to work in complete safety, the operating panel can be completely disabled using a key.


Full access to any part of the machine is guaranteed through the linear positioning of the labelling unit components, the compactness of the machine itself and the reduced number of components fitted under the machine base.
Change format and maintenance operations are thus made simple.


The reels of labels are positioned on a double support fitted with an electronic reel tension and alignment systems.
The reel support, which is connected to the unit, needs no adjustment during format change.
The machine scans the actual length of each label and an independent servodrive unwinds the correct quantity of film to ensure the label is cut in the exact position required.


Format change does not require any phasing operation of the labeller, thanks to independent movement of the labelling unit and a synchronised fixing system on the transfer roller: in this way format change is far more simple and consistent.
The touch-screen operator panel has been simplified so as to facilitate operator training; operator functions are grouped on a single page as are all the functions for format change.The machine is supplied with two sets of remote control units which enable the operator to work on any part of the machine.


The mechanical transmission on the machine is simplified, due to the independent motorisation of the labelling unit which is belt driven.
The transfer roller does not have moving parts (such as grippers) guaranteeing high reliability and easy maintenance.Due to our precision engineering of components, the pressure pads can be easily changed on the roller not having to work them again once installed on it.

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