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  • 1. Introduction to the business department

Bio Fermentation/Pharmaceutical Intelligent Equipment Division focuses on: biological fermentation systems, plant (Chinese medicine) extraction, pharmaceutical engineering, natural food, energy conservation and environmental protection projects. Undertake EPC/EPCM service engineering such as formula development, process design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, intelligent control system, equipment system integration, factory commissioning and so on. Mature products: complete sets of fermentation system equipment, evaporation and concentration equipment, sterilization and elimination equipment, extraction equipment, separation equipment, extraction equipment, crystallization equipment, filtration equipment, sanitary container equipment and other products.
Triowin Intelligence provides total upstream and downstream core process solutions, including bioreactor/fermenter systems, media preparation systems, transient elimination systems, purification systems, buffer preparation and sterilization systems, and CIP station systems , clean utility distribution system. Our design ensures minimal product loss, optimized CIP and SIP functionality, and is easy to operate and maintain. Risk-based process control to ensure that the final process system risk is controllable and in line with expectations. As a complete solution provider with upstream, downstream and fermentation, we can help reduce cross-construction interfaces and greatly increase project execution efficiency and overall project controllability.

Triowin equipment focuses on technology research and development and has all independent intellectual property rights. By the end of 2018, it has applied for more than 300 utility models and invention patents. There are 95 R&D technical engineers, many of whom have master's and doctoral degrees. Now the company has jointly established a number of domestic famous universities to build master's/doctoral training points and post-doctoral work stations (Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai Ocean University, Jiangnan University, Huazhong Agricultural University, etc.). He has undertaken major projects such as the Ministry of Science and Technology, the 863 National Key Equipment Research Project, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and the 12th Five-Year Plan for the Shanghai Robot Industry.
Based on independent innovation, Triowin equipment has absorbed the advanced mechanical design concepts and automation control technology from Europe and the United States. Now, biological fermentation, especially the turnkey project of whole plant fermentation project, has become one of the world's industry leaders.

  • 2. Project advantages

(1). Experienced: The technical accumulation and practical experience of more than 580 fluid production lines with more than 20 years;
(2). The advanced processing technology: the cutting, opening, opening, cutting and other processes of the sheet are all operated by the German imported laser cutting machine, and the processing precision is high. It is absolutely forbidden for workers to manually cut, open, open, and cut. Once discovered, they should be dealt with seriously;
(3). R&D investment: By the end of 2018, Triowin had more than 300 invention patents and utility model patents. In recent years, Triowin has invested a lot of money every year in the development of new products.
(4). with core processing technology, the most advanced processing technology in the world: for many years, we have maintained cooperation and exchanges with many Italian companies for a long time, integrating advanced technologies from Europe and the United States;
(5). High configuration and stable performance: The core equipment of the production line adopts the original imported machine equipment. The key components of the company's own production are all selected by the international first-class brand. The control components are all international imported first-class brands, such as the British SPIRIX SARCO, Switzerland. ABB, Siemens (SIEMENS), DANFOSS Denmark, SCHNEIDER, METTLER TOLEDO, etc;
(6). High degree of automation: Signal linkage control is adopted between all equipment to ensure non-destructive operation of equipment;

  • 3. Stand-alone and project design capabilities

The single machine and project adopt 3D visual modeling design, which perfectly matches the architectural design of the customer's factory. The professional mixing design and CFD flow field simulation amplification technology ensure the stability of the fermentation process and reduce the investment risk of equipment. A customized 10L-200T fermentation system is available. Meet the anaerobic, facultative anaerobic, aerobic process of various fungi products.

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